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Garden, Decking & Outdoor Rope

Garden, Decking & Outdoor Rope

Our range of weather resistant and highly durable garden, decking outdoor ropes are ideal for an array of indoor and outdoor uses including rope swings, balustrade on decking, fencing and on children’s play equipment. Our most popular choice for gardens and decking is our Historic Weather Resistant Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope (used in the banner image above).

As with all our ropes, this range is hand-chosen by our highly experienced staff, ensuring we only stock the best quality ropes available. If you have any questions, give us a call on 01634 566 412.

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Historic Weather Resistant Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope
From £0.11 - £390.00
Grade I Manila Garden Decking Historic Rope
From £0.25 - £499.00
Sisal Natural Rope
From £0.16 - £844.99
Polypropylene Split Film Rope - 220m Reel
From £17.95 - £189.95
Three (3) Strand Polyester Rope
From £0.43 - £1,270.00
Brass Trigger Hook
Chrome Trigger Hook