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Grade I Manila Garden Decking Historic Rope


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Manila rope (often called Manila Hemp rope) is made from the stems of a plant called Abaca, grown primarily in the Philippines and is named after the capital city, Manilla. 

Consisting of long dark brown fibres, this natural hemp rope is durable and very flexible with great resistance to repeated salt water exposure, making it great for marine use as rope, lines, and fishing nets.

Manila rope shrinks a little when it becomes wet, which needs to be taken into account when covering exact distances - for example for sails, or as part of decking and barriers.

ø mm      Breaking Strength (kg)      Length of spool (m)

   6                       295                                 220

   8                       515                                 220

  10                      794                                 220

  12                     1,132                               220

  14                     1,519                               220

  16                     1,968                               220

  18                     2,478                               220

  20                     3,039                               220

  24                     4,334                               220