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Shackles, Hooks And Fittings

Shackles, Hooks And Fittings

Whether you are on land, water or even a bit of both, our excellent range of Shackles, Hooks & Fittings from industry leading brands including Allen and Barton will enable you to get the most out of your rope. 
We've been selling shackles, hooks and accessories for over 25 years as a division of Pirates Cave Chandlery, so if you have any questions call us on 01634 566 412 and a highly experienced member of staff will be happy to assist.
Square Eye Plate S/S (5-10mm)
From £2.99 - £7.29
Square Ring Plate S/S (5-8mm)
From £4.19 - £8.49
Standard Dee Shackle S/S (4-12mm)
From £3.99 - £8.99
Swivel Boat Snap S/S (Size 0-3)
From £6.19 - £10.49
Twisted Shackle S/S (4-10mm)
From £2.59 - £7.59
Wide Jaw Shackle S/S (5-10mm)
From £3.49 - £7.59
Wire Grip S/S (2-10mm)
From £3.99 - £5.69